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Banking and Finance

The Global Financial Services Sector provides system integration, consulting and outsourcing services to financial services organizations and is dedicated to delivering real business solutions and to achieving tangible results. Our unique capabilities are the result of years of working hand-in-hand with many of the world’s largest and most successful financial institutions. This focus on collaboration, quality and results is paramount to our way of doing business

With a worldwide team of over 500 experienced consultants, Grumium has established a dedicated practice in financial services, serving the world's most prominent financial institutions. The Global Financial Services Sector represented a majority of the Group’s revenues in 2005, with contributions across the areas of Insurance, Banking and Diversified Financial Services.

Given our wealth of in-depth knowledge and experience, and our approach of working closely with clients, we are able to address the most pressing needs of clients across of the financial services industry: Organizations in this highly competitive and increasingly regulated industry will especially need to focus on making themselves more:

Operationally efficient
Adept and agile at identifying and managing risk

Successfully making this transition will almost always call for changes to existing structures, processes, cultures/organizational mindsets and of course, technologies and their patterns of use. Grumium can help you in this journey of transformation, with its multi-dimensional but balanced solution approach that pays as much attention to your business architecture as it does to your IT architecture, so that solutions and services are optimized for your unique business and technology context.
Grumium provides the following services to our financial industry clients:

• Current State Assessment and Future State Recommendations)
• Application maintenance (Organizational Strategy)
• Information Architecture Strategy
• Application Integration Architecture Strategy
• Credit card solutions, including front office systems, credit scoring models and credit card processing software.
• Customized applications development
• Data Warehousing & Data Mining, including system design, support, and high-end consulting/training.
• "E-banking" and "E-investment" solutions.
• "E-trading" solutions, including online trading portals, portfolio-tracking, stock tickers etc.
• Enterprise Application Integration.
• Product enhancement and development.
• Reengineering and integration of legacy systems.
• Securities Trading Systems - development and Re engineering.
• Web enabling of legacy systems.

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